When visiting Mill Creek, WA you may notice the weather is slightly more aesthetic than in other areas of the United States. This is due to the unique location of Washington. Rainfall has its fair share of credit for the uniqueness that makes up the weather in Mill Creek. When you mix the humid temperatures into the equation, with this rain falling throughout the year, you are left with ideal conditions for dry rot to form. Anyone that has dealt with dry rot knows the hassle it can cause you. Rotted wood is a problem in your Mill Creek home for more reasons than obvious ones. Once you have a case of dry rot in your home, it is hard just to let it go. The fungus will keep spreading as long as the conditions for its growth are ideal. 

How Dry Rot Can Corrode Your Mill Creek Home

Even if you smell dry rot immediately or catch it when it’s a small patch on your wood, it may be too late. If you can see the dry rot, then it has already started to take a toll on your home. Depending On how long it has been around, the dry rot can be highly damaging. Dry rot occurs once the growth of the spores begins and they start to spread; the wood becomes brittle and starts to fall apart. The dry rot will continue to eat away at the wood as long as it goes up untreated, and if left untouched for long enough, the damage will become significant enough to need to have the wood replaced entirely

What is The Removal Process for Dry Rot in Mill Creek WA

The removal of dry rot in your Mill Creek, WA home is essential for many reasons. You will want to do everything you can to ensure you do not have to deal with the rotted timber anymore. Some steps can be taken to help fix the dry rot and make it so you are less likely to reencounter it down the line. These steps will  assist you in removing any dry rot from your homes wood:

  1. See where your dry rot problem happened in Mill Creek

Before attempting to take on your dry rot issue, you must first know where the issue lies. Locating the dry rot in your home is vital to the next steps you will need to take to clear up the rotted wood. Once the source is found, you can then determine how to eliminate the fungus most effectively.

  1. Remove areas where dry rot occurred

Now that you know the problem’s location, it is time to focus on dry rot repair. Exchanging the rotten wood for fresh wood is an excellent way to improve the homes’ bones. You must get moisture from the air as soon as possible since humid conditions are ideal for dry rot to grow. If  humidity levels are low in your home, then dry rot will not be able to grow and 

  1. Treat old dry rot damage

Using a fungicide spray on the parts of the wood that have been fixed will help keep the problem at bay. A fungicide spray will eliminate spores that have gathered on the goods and prevent more spores from popping up on you. Hitting all the areas, your dry rot treatment will help decrease any chance of dry rot returning.  

Signs of Dry Rot in Mill Creek WA

Dry rot can be tricky to find in Mill Creek, but there are some key indications that you may have an issue. Here are some ways that your home will warn you of dry rot:

  • The wood is fragile
  • The wood is visibly rotten 
  • The wood is discolored
  • The wood is damaged
  • The wood smells moldy
  • Deep cracks found in the grains 
  • Spore dust can be found

How GotRot Can Help You With Rot Repair in Mill Creek

Here at GotRot, we are ready for any curve balls you throw. We are here to assist you in tackling any dry rot issues that may arise. We have the knowledge to go into any situation with confidence that you will be satisfied with the outcome. We carry the burden of your dry rot worries, so you do not have to. Let our team of skilled individuals show you how we get down and dirty when it comes to fungal spores in your home. Our work speaks for itself as we take pride in restoring your Mill Creek, WA home; to like new. See what all the hype is about, and come talk with us today about your dry rot issues.

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