Kenmore has been known to have a decent amount of rainfall per year. This rainfall, when coupled with warm, humid weather, can welcome in someone the predictable that there will be a good amount of rain falling throughout the year. The state’s rainfall makes it a prime candidate for dry rot problems. Dry rot is not something that you will enjoy having to deal with. The rotted wood can bring more headaches than you realize. One issue with dry rot is how much it can spread throughout your timber. The fungus will continue to apply as long as it is present. The longer this issue is not addressed, the harder it will be to take care of it.

Does GotRot do Dry Rot Repair?

Yes, dry rot can be repaired. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes you will not just repair the damaged timber. There are some situations where the wood is damaged to the point where repair is not an option. In these cases, you must switch out the entire piece you were trying to repair. Another situation where a repair would not work on dry rot is if the dry rot has compromised a main support beam. Main support beams are load-bearing sections that shoulder the weight of the house mainly on these beams. If a main support beam has been subjected to dry rot, you will most likely need to replace the damaged piece to keep the structure’s integrity intact.

How Do You Fix Rotted Wood Without Replacing It?

Fixing your piece of wood and removing any damage without replacing the wood entirely is possible, but you must take action to ensure your efforts pay off. You will need to cut out any rotted timber, so you can now replace those sections with healthy wood. Leaving the dry rot is not going to do you any favors. Removing the dry rot can be a timely process. A process to remove all the rotted sections can be long but worth the time in the long run.

Dry Rot Removal Process

When dealing with dry rot, getting rid of any spots of dry rot is crucial. Thorough removal of the damage is vital to the job’s success. Taking specific steps to fix the problem will make your life easier. Here are three steps to take to remove dry rot from your wood:

  1. Locate the area of dry rot – Find where your problem stems from. Locating the issue you are dealing with will help you further address and fix it.
  2. Remove any damage; from dry rot – once you know the areas which need to be restored, you can plan on what is best to tackle the damage. You will also want to extract any excess moisture from the air. This will stop any new growth since humidity is needed for fungal growth. The removed pieces will be replaced with healthy pieces of timber so the structure can keep its integrity.
  3. Prevent any new dry rot from falling with dry rot repair – Once you address the issue of dry rot you have been dealing with, you want to make sure to keep the wood good. A fungicide treatment helps to minimize the possibility of dry rot popping up again.  

These three steps are a guide to follow when going about getting rid of any dry rot you have which is damaging your property. Taking these precautions with your home can come back to be a beneficial decision.

What Do You Use for Dry Rot on Wood?

There are numerous products out there that help fight off dry rot and the damage that comes along with it. Each product has slightly different ingredients, but they are all based primarily on a fungicide that kills off the spores which cause dry rot. White vinegar is a great product that kills off dry rot. A fungicide with borate (Boric acid) is known to be most effective in killing fungus spores and preventing dry rot. The Boric acid will aid in killing off any dry rot while stopping new fungal growth and preventing any further spreading of the existing fungus.

How Long Does it Take to Do Dry Rot Repair?

With some luck, your dry rot issue will not be severe. If the damage the dry rot caused has been limited, you may get away with only days’ worth of work to eliminate the rotted wood. However, more severe cases of dry rot can take up to a week or even longer to cure. If the dry rot has spread to the point where it causes structural damage to your home, another separate treatment will most likely be required. This treatment may take up to an additional week to finish. 

Is Dry Rot Expensive to Fix?

No two cases of dry rot are the same. While one instance of the problem may be a tiny, concentrated spot, or another area may be so damaged that it is impossible to do a simple fix. The amount you will pay to restore an area of dry rot will depend on how old the dry rot is, as well as how long it has been accumulating. Another factor that may be an issue, considering the price of removing dry rot, is the size of the infected area. Areas that are easy to access tend to be less expensive when all is said and done

Common Signs of Dry Rot and When to Hire a Dry Rot Repair Professional

You do not need to be an expert to see the signs of dry rot in your home. More often than not, you will have to turn a blind eye to the problem to not know it exists. There are numerous ways to tell you to have a dry rot issue, but not all signs are as easy to see. Regardless of how simple or complex it is to detect dry rot in your home, the signs will be there. Here are some of the usual indications that you are dealing with a dry rot issue:

  • The wood has a less-than-pleasant smell to it
  • The wood is damaged or rotted
  • The wood is discolored 
  • The wood breaks without effort to do so 
  • The grains have cracks in them
  • Spore dust has gathered in patches 

GotRot Specializes in Dry Rot Repair

GotRot has got you covered! We don’t just know dry rot; we know how to handle it. We do not just settle for doing the bare minimum when it comes to bringing the structural integrity of your Kenmore, Washington home back to where it originally was. Our knowledge and dedication to the details will make us a sure choice when it comes to restoring your home to its full potential.

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