Homeowners often overlook their trim when cleaning up the home. Walls, windows, and doors are touched up but trim often goes unnoticed. Trim seems like such a simple and plain part of a wall, but it can add intricacies to every room of your home if cared for and updated. It is important to know the signs of dry rot as a homeowner in moist areas, such as Seattle. 

Houses and other wooden structures here are more likely to experience dry rot. If you fear your home has any signs of rotting or moist wood, you should have the trim in your home checked out by GotRot. 

What is Dry Rot in My Home?

Dry rot can affect all areas of your home, from decks to porches and even interior wooden structures. Most homeowners are unaware that the structure may be damaged, and dry rot can cause destruction to your home’s foundation. 

Dry rot is decaying wood caused by a fungus that feeds on the wood, damaging it and leaving it fragile. Dry rot spores can grow in the foundation and internal structures when homes are in areas that are moist, humid, and have poor ventilation.

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The Cause Of Dry Rot

Seattle area homes are more apt to develop fungus issues, such as dry rot, due to Seattle’s wet weather and moist conditions. Warm, humid temperatures and wet weather can lead to dry rot. If your home is over-insulated, it can lead to trapped moisture with little airflow. Small cracks in windows or doors can allow moisture to creep in, and fungus can begin growing on the wood.

Signs Your Wood Trim Could Have Dry Rot

Dry rot can be difficult to spot because it is typically lurking in hidden areas such as behind walls and underneath floorboards. Dry rot can generally be treated with a fungicide, but having a Seattle dry rot repair expert from GotRot access the full damage is the best thing to do before taking any remedial steps to fix the dry rot.

Signs that your wood trim could have dry rot:

  • Decaying or damaged timber
  • Musty or damp smell
  • Deep or large cracks in the wood grain
  • Timber that crumbles or brittle timber
  • Grey strands on the timber
  • Heavy patches of orange-brown spore dust
  • Mushroom-shaped bodies growing on the timber

Catching And Repairing Dry Rot Is Time Sensitive. 

At GotRot, we have experienced, specialized tradesmen who would happily create a plan for your unique treatment and provide you with a free consultation. It is crucial to contain dry rot in a timely manner to prevent possible spreading. This is important because the repair will be easier and less costly before the impact on your home’s structure has advanced. 

In some cases, we can dry the wood, chisel out any pieces that are not repairable, and use a wood hardener to fill in crevices and cracks. Sanding and priming can smooth the surfaces, and paint makes it look new. We then treat it with a fungicidal treatment to keep your home free from dry rot.

Dangers Of Dry Rot on Trim

If not treated immediately, it can become a dangerous problem and will continue affecting the structural and decorative wood of your home. 

Fungus spores created from dry rot can cause severe health problems in certain populations of people. Young children, the elderly, and those with upper respiratory health issues can be triggered by the fungus spores, leading to allergic reactions.

Dry rot can also attract small rodents and bugs that can do further damage to the wood in your home as well as create a significant nuisance for the homeowner.

Professional Trim Repair Experts

If you think you may have dry rot, get the help you need now. Home repair can be overwhelming and sometimes may seem to have many options. Let our team of professionals, with our affordable and easy repair plans, help you begin the journey towards tackling this overwhelming project. 

Repairing your home is something that GotRot is committed to. Contact us for our straightforward estimates with no confusing jargon and no obligation. Our reputation is solid, and we put our customers first. We can help plan and manage all phases of this process, and you will not be disappointed. Schedule a visit today!

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