Serving the Greater Seattle Area, GotRot is the go-to company for Seattle resident’s home repairs and remodels. GotRot has been operating in the Seattle area for more than a decade with experienced tradesmen who have been in the industry for an average of 10 years.

We established our dry rot renovation company driven by our passion for construction and a recognized need in the local industry. Witnessing the destructive impact of dry rot in buildings across the city, we identified a gap in specialized services to address this issue effectively. Leveraging our expertise and dedication to quality work, we sought to not only repair structures but also educate Seattle residents on preventative measures. Our goal was to offer long-lasting solutions, ensuring the durability and safety of buildings throughout the area.

We Serve Seattle

Our team of experienced professionals is familiar with the Seattle area, understanding the issues Pacific Northwest homes are more prone to, like developing dry rot. Dry rot is typically the result of Seattle’s moisture and warm weather. We know exactly what to look for when checking your property and can take care of issues immediately to protect the structure of your home. 

Seattle’s weather makes it the perfect area for dry rot—but GotRot is here to help. We provide a free service consultation by our skilled and experienced contractors on staff, ensuring communication with you is top of mind.

Care and Communication

Our goal is to keep you happy. We prioritize communication and aim to create a long-lasting relationship with you. At GotRot, we care about you and your vision, promising to provide each project with its own individual integrity and respect.

At GotRot, our process involves five steps:

  1. First, you tell us about your project by filling out a simple form. You can provide us with all of the details needed about your project and vision.
  2. After that, one of our specialists will reach out to you. Our team is there for you from the start to the finish of your project, ensuring smooth execution throughout and open communication at all times.
  3. Next, our consultant will meet with you on-site to complete a consultation. During this meeting, they will provide you with an in-depth analysis of the phases of your project.
  4. Once your project is assessed, we will establish a cost estimate and project timeline. We will also provide you with benchmarks for the phases of your project, so you know exactly what to expect. If any issues should arise as we work to complete the job, we will notify you immediately.
  5. Lastly, it’s time to execute your project! At this stage of the process, your project will be officially under construction. Get ready to share the before and after pictures.
Person Removing Wall Decoration

GotRot Seattle Services

GotRot offers an industry-best two-year warranty on our services. We specialize in dry rot and offer services in new home construction, home addition, and remodeling. 

Our repair and remodeling services include a variety of options such as:

  • kitchen, bathroom, commercial, and multi-room remodeling
  • tile and stone
  • design build
  • fungus damage repair
  • flooring
  • shower, siding, and rot repair
  • deck building and repair
  • roofing
  • termite damage repair 

At GotRot, we are committed to providing quality building products, top-level service, and excellent standards. With a 99% five-star rating online, we stand behind our services as the go-to company for Seattle’s home remodels and repairs.