Lake Forest Park has the fortune of unpredictable weather. The days are as unique as the weather that accompanies them. Rainfall plays a significant factor in the humid climate there. There is always a good amount of rain falling throughout the year, which intensifies the dry rot problems the state faces. Dealing with dry rot is more of a hassle than anything. The rotted wood comes with several problems besides the obvious one. You have to be cautious of your timber having dry rot run rampant throughout. The spores will continue to spread as long as conditions are ideal. It becomes more of a hard-to-tackle issue the longer it is neglected.

How Dry Rot Takes Hold And Corrodes Your Home

You do not know the trouble wood rot can cause you until it is too late. It may apprise you to learn how damaging it can be. Dry rot is like cancer to timber. Once the spores begin to grow and spread, it attacks the wood and makes its durability that much weaker as it goes along, causing more damage. The longer the rotted wood is left to decay, the more damage the dry rot will cause.

Can Wood Rot Be Repaired?

Dry rot in Lake Forest Park can be repaired in most cases in which it is found. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes you will not just repair the damaged timber. There are some situations where the wood is damaged to the point where repair is not an option. In these cases, you must switch out the entire piece you were trying to repair. Compromised support beams are a different story altogether. Main support beams bear the entire weight of certain sections of the home. When a main support beam has become weakened, that beam will need to be replaced to keep the house’s bones intact.

How do you fix wood rot damage?

To fix dry rot properly, you must know how wood rot thrives and how it can be taken out. Understanding how dry rot forms and grows is half the battle that awaits you. The other half of the fight is countering the growth of the spores so that you can move on from dealing with them rotting regularly. Extensive knowledge of what you are working with will go a long way in handling any issues you have.

Dry Rot Removal Process

The removal of dry rot in your Lake Forest Park home is essential for many reasons. You will want to do everything you can to ensure you do not have to deal with the rotted timber anymore. Some steps can be taken to help fix the dry rot and make it so you are less likely to reencounter it down the line. These steps will  assist you in removing any dry rot from your homes wood:

Find where the dry rot is coming from 

Before you can fix any dry rot that may be lingering around your home, you will need to detect where the issue is coming from. Once you have found the source of the rotted wood, you can figure out the best way to eliminate the fungus.

Remove any damage from wood rot 

Locating the spots that need to be restored is only half the battle at best. You must take the rotten wood and exchange this awful stuff with good healthy ones. You remove moisture from the air that does not need to be there since dry rot needs water on the wood to grow. New growth will not be allowed since humidity is required for this fungal growth. 

Kill off any potential new dry rot

Treat any new areas of wood with a fungicide spray. A fungicide spray will kill off any spores and stop their potential spread of them, helping diminish any possibility of dry rot coming back. Following these steps will help eliminate any dry rot you have that is helping to ruin your home. Dealing with the dry rot appropriately will allow you the peace of mind of knowing your house in Lake Forest Park is not falling apart from the inside.

How Long Does it Take to Treat Dry Rot?

The time it takes to eliminate dry rot issues will vary based on each scenario. Any less severe cases of dry rot will be a quicker turnaround time compared to longer, more strenuous circumstances. If the damage the dry rot caused has not yet spread around, you will need less time to eliminate the problem. More severe cases of dry rot will take longer to handle. A more severe case of rotted timber could take up to a week or longer to cure. Structural damage will drag the process on for longer than average damage as it requires more attention and more work.

Is Wood Rot Expensive to Fix?

Each case involving wood rot is different from the next. In one situation, there may be only a slight problem occurring in a concentrated spot, but another area might have so much damage that a simple fix would be neither easy nor practical. Determining the price to restore an area of dry rot will depend on a few things. The cost will depend on how old the dry rot is and how long it has damaged your home. The size of the infected area is also crucial in gauging how much it will run you to have a portion of dry rot removed. Easy-to-access places usually are less expensive to deal with.

Signs of Dry Rot

The average person can be alerted to the signs dry rot is around just as quickly as an expert. You almost have to try to miss the symptoms of dry rot not to be aware of your problem. Some signs of wood rot are more simplistic to catch than others, yet they will be there. Here are some usual signs that there is a presence of dry rot in your home:

  • The wood has portions of discoloration to it
  • The wood is damaged or has spots that are rotted
  • The wood tends to crumble easily
  • The wood has a foul smell associated with it
  • There are cracks deep in the grains 
  • There are concentrated areas of spore dust 

The GotRot Difference in Lake Forest Park

When you choose GotRot for your dry rot repairs, you get all that comes with us. We are not just your typical dry rot company. We are great at handling anything thrown at us while knowing how to handle it. We go above and beyond to end your dry rot worries, and we take pride in bringing your home back to its original self. Our attention to detail helps us bring out the full potential of your home once again.

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