Washington weather can be as unpredictable as what you will do for dinner next week. Do not let humid and wet days destroy your home. You can protect your home from the issues that are from such weather conditions. These conditions can wreak havoc across your home and lead to a case of dry rot if not appropriately handled.

Can Wood Rot Be Repaired?

Dry rot can be repaired if the wood is not too far down in a situation with only a little. If dry rot is damaged, you would easily replace a small section of the wood. However, if the wood is a structure-bearing piece or if the damage is too severe, then you will need to replace the whole part instead of repairing a small section of it.

What Is The Best Filler For Dry Rot Repair?

Using epoxy wood filler is an excellent way to fill the damage down by dry rot. The wood epoxy works great on small and more significant dry rot projects. They are top-of-the-line products used to fix rotting, damaged wood. Epoxy fillers also work well in situations where restoring wood is either too much money to do so, or the piece would be too difficult to remove in its entirety.

Why is Dry Rot Repair Early on So Critical?

Getting to dry rot early on is crucial because the longer you wait to take care of it, the more severe your issues will be that you deal with. It is best to get on it right away. Dry rot does not get better as time goes on. The fungus only spreads and gets worse. The sooner you can nip the problem at the source, the lighter the toll will be on your psychological mindset and wallet.

Is Dry Rot Repair an Expensive Job?

The cost to fix dry rot damage will vary based on the severity of the damage done. In the best-case scenario, you will have minimal damage to a small section of your home, and you will get away with a few hundred dollars in damages. That said, fungus dry rot can run you up a hefty bill if untreated for long enough. For severe cases, you may be looking at a bill for thousands of dollars.

What Happens if You Do Not  Fix Dry Rot? 

The longer dry rot goes without being cared for, the more extensive the damages will become. Dry rot will not improve independently. It will take several steps to ensure you eliminate the issue from your home. If you allow it to spread throughout the house and cause problems, then it will.

Signs Of Dry Rot in Your Home

You may find a few critical factors of dry rot that indicate there is an issue that you need to address right away. These indicating signs are the typical warnings given off by the dry rot itself. The decay has a bad habit of letting its presence be known to homeowners, which is good for you and your home. Here are some more common signs you may have a fungus and dry rot problem.

  • The wood has gray strands throughout it 
  • The wood is damaged or may even be decaying
  • There are deep cracks within the grain of the wood
  • Large mushroom-like fruiting bodies (fungi) may be seen
  • The timber is brittle and able to be broken apart with your fingers alone
  • concentrated patches of spore dust can be found
  • There is a musty smell in the area where the dry rot would be
  • Brown or orange spore dust may be found in concentrated patches where damage is present

Dry Rot Repair and Removal Process 

When tackling dry rot, it is imperative to be thorough in your removal of the damage. To properly fix the issue at hand, there are some steps to take. Here is the process of removing dry rot from your wood:

Find the area where wood rot is an issue

Addressing the issue of dry rot can be a challenge. First, before any changes can be made, you need to locate the infected area. Finding where your problem started is essential in deciding how to go about the rest of the process. It is vital to know precisely where your dry rot lies since you cannot fix something if you can not see it.

Remove the dry rot damage

The next step in fixing the problem, once you find the source, is cleaning the area of any damaged timber. Excess moisture is the primary aid in dry rot, so it is vital to ensure your moisture levels are not too high.

This extra moisture, when it comes in contact with the Serpula Lacrymans spores, creates the ideal breeding place for dry rot. All infected pieces of timber must be removed. The clean wood will then need to be treated to avoid recurring issues.

Prevent new dry rot damage from occurring

Fungicide treatments are essential when it comes to taking care of dry rot. It can help restore the integrity of your home’s structure. Not adequately addressing the situation can lead to more fungal spores, which creates dry rot. Caring for your wood will help prevent spreading or dry rot and stop new rot from forming.

How is Wood Rot Treated?

Dry rot is generally treated with epoxy wood resin which fills in the damaged areas where dry rot causes issues in your home. This, of course, is after the damaged wood sections have been removed from the piece of wood. It is essential to get any areas that may have been affected so you do not run into lingering problems in the future.

How GotRot Makes a Difference in Seattle, WA

When you take GotRot on as a partner, we will fight to make sure you are satisfied with the outcome of your home. We will not quit until dry rot does. We go all in to get the rot all out. You never have to worry about whether your Seattle, WA home is in good hands or not when you put your trust in us.

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