Woodinville has its share of rough weather. Rain falling throughout the year, along with the humidity and other weather factors, create some ideal conditions for not-so-ideal conditions in the bones of your home. One of these problems your home may face due to moisture is wood rot. 

Washington receives a fair amount of rain each year. This rainfall aids in the rise in moisture levels that will likely arise. Excess moisture tends to be absorbed back into the wood, leading to nasty problems for you and your home.

Dry rot is an issue that can be hard to detect sometimes, but just because you do not see it does not mean it is not there, inflicting damage to all it touches as we speak. Knowing how to combat dry rot in Woodinville can give you an advantage when it comes to maintaining the structure of your home.

What Causes Wood Rot in Woodinville, WA?

Wood rot occurs when a few things are present within your home. The first thing you need to check in your home for wood rot is for an excess amount of moisture in the air. 

How Wood Rot Happens

When moisture levels are high in your home, it gives the perfect opportunity for the potential of dry rot to occur. The other factor needed to be present is a fungal spore known as Serpula Lacrymans. Serpula lacrymans is a fungus that, when combined with excess moisture, has been known to destroy timber that it comes in contact with.

How Bad Is Wood Rot In a House?

The severity of your dry rot issue depends on a multitude of factors. The amount of time the dry rot has had to wreak havoc on your home is one of the significant pieces of information that will determine how bad off the dry rot may be. 

The longer the damage accumulates, the more damage there will be. Another factor in play is whether or not there is a fungus spread. The more the dry rot spreads, the likelier there will be more significant structural damage.

Common Signs of Wood Rot

Sometimes it is easy to tell that dry rot is an issue. Your home may give off signs warning you of the dry rot’s presence. Things your home tells you can go a long way in fixing certain issues. These are a few signs you may have dry rot:

  • Damaged or decayed present in wood
  • Gray strands in the wood
  • Cracks in the grain
  • Musty smells
  • The timber is weak enough to break in your hand
  • Orange and brown spore dust in concentrated patches 

Can GotRot Handle Wood Rot Repair?

In most cases, your dry rot issue can be repaired without cutting everything out of the wood. Typically you can cut out and fix the small sections of timber that have been infected. 

In some severe cases, you may not be able to repair the piece, and you will need to replace the whole thing, but that is not as common unless it happens on a main load-bearing support beam.

How Expensive is Wood Rot Repair?

Dry rot has been known to have some high costs to fix associated with it. You never know the extent of the damage done by the rotted wood, so it is tough to gauge the total cost until you diagnose the entire issue. Dry rot can range in price from relatively inexpensive for a minor fix to breaking the bank for more extensive restorations.

How Do You Do Wood Rot Repair Without Replacing It?

To fix the wood in your home and remove the dry rot without replacing the entire structure, you will need to do a few things. It is not as easy as cutting out the piece and putting the good one in its place. 

There are steps you will want to take to ensure that the rot is appropriately removed and will not continue to grow or even spread to other parts of the wood. Following the process will help ensure you ultimately take care of the problem.

Wood Rot Repair and Removal Process

When tackling dry rot, it is imperative to be thorough in your removal of the damage. To properly fix the issue at hand, there are some steps to take. Here is the process of removing dry rot from your wood:

Locate where the dry rot is

Finding the dry rot will be the first step in getting rid of it for good. To fix your problem, you first need to see all the spots in which it is causing an issue.

Remove all the areas where wood rot did damage with wood rot repair

Removing rotten timber and replacing that section with a new healthy piece will help strengthen your home. You will want to remove any moisture from the air that has built up in the room. 

This excess moisture would make it difficult to keep wood rot from forming again. Once you have removed the weakened wood and placed new wood to support it, you can restore your timber.

Treat the new wood to prevent dry rot from returning or spreading 

You will want to use a fungicide treatment on the wood once it is fixed. This treatment will aid in keeping the dry rot from returning and spreading throughout the timber. 

If left untreated, your home may be the continued growth of dry rot even though you thought the problem was resolved. The fungal treatment will help kill the chance of any issues down the road. 

How GotRot Offers Dry Rot Repair Services Across Woodinville, WA

Do not fear the long-term effects dry rot has on your home. At GotRot, we have experience in handling any size fungi infestation you have going on at your home. We will get to the root cause of your wood rot problem swiftly and ensure that no dry rot occurs again.

We will be right there for any questions you have during the restoration of the structure of your home. No job is too small or big for us to handle, and we know to make it right for you. If you Got Rot, then we’ve got it covered.

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