Washington is no stranger to in-climate weather. This weather can produce excess moisture in the air, which can be absorbed by the wood in your home. When moisture levels in timber climb, so do the chances of running into dry rot. Dry rot occurs when Serpula Lacrymans spores come into contact with the already high moisture levels of the wood structures. This can be a big problem if left alone for too long.

Is Dry Rot Expensive to Fix in Bothell Wa?

Dry rot can be a nightmare to fix if it is not taken care of promptly. The cost of removing dry rot varies based on the size of the damaged area, as well as how long it has been rotting. Repairing these damages can add up to quite the total very quickly. A small area of dry rot that is not hard to get to may be relatively cheap to tackle, costing a few hundred dollars. A large area that is hard to access and has excessive damage can dent the wallet. A larger dry rot project can quickly run a bill into thousands of dollars once all is said and done.

Common You Need Dry Rot Repair in Bothell Wa

Dry rot can have some indicators that will alert you of its presence. These indicators are typical signs that warn you of an issue in your home. Here are some more common signs you may have a dry rot problem.

  • The timber is damaged or possibly decaying
  • The timber has gray strands 
  • The grain of the timber has deep cracks in it
  • There is a musty smell in the area
  • The timber is brittle, sometimes to the point it will break apart between your fingers 
  • concentrated patches of spore dust
  • Large mushroom-like fruiting bodies may be present
  • Orange and brown spore dust may be found in concentrated patches 

Can Dry Rot Be Repaired?

In many cases, dry rot can be repaired. However, if dry rot has occurred on a structural support area, such as a main beam, then it may be unsafe to repair that area. In such a case, the whole beam would need to be replaced. The amount of dry rot that has damaged an area may be a factor in the decision to repair or replace the wood also. If you have a section of timber that multiple spots of dry rot have plagued, the integrity of that piece is probably ruined, and replacing the entire amount of wood is likely the best decision.

How Dry Rot Damages Your Bothell Wa Home

Dry rot has been called “the cancer of a building” because the fungi destroy the wood as it spreads. Once infected with this fungus, the wood in your home will deteriorate and only worsen as the problem persists. It is a problem that, if not taken care of right away, will only bring you more headaches as time goes on. The strength of your home may be compromised by the damage the dry rot inflicts on it.

How Do You Fix Rotting Wood Without Replacing It?

Replacing dry rot’s damage to your wood can be a pain. Eliminating the dry rot is not always as simple as you may think. It is more complicated than simply changing the defective piece of wood for a new one. There is a process for removing the dry rot from your home or business.

Wood Rot Removal Process

When tackling dry rot, it is imperative to be thorough in your removal of the damage. To properly fix the issue at hand, there are some steps to take. Here is the process of removing dry rot from your wood:

  • Find the area where dry rot is an issue – To address the issue of dry rot, you must first be able to locate where the problem stems from. This is crucial to the whole process since you cannot fix something you do not know exists.
  • Remove the dry rot damage – Once you have found the source of the problem, it is time to fix it. You will want to remove all the excess moisture from the air that created the breeding grounds for dry rot in the first place. Now you will need to remove any areas of timber with fungal growth. The cleared areas will need to be replaced with new pieces of wood to make the home structurally sound again.
  • Prevent new wood rot damage from occurring – A fungicide treatment can be used to aid in the restoration of the home’s structural integrity. If untreated, there may be continued growth of fungal spores, which could cause new dry rot to form. Treating the retained timber will help prevent this growth from spreading and continuing to cause trouble for you.

What Can You Use for Dry Rot Repair? 

The most common and effective fungicide used to treat wood rot is Boric acid (borate). This acid is applied to the wood to treat it for existing dry rot issues. Once the dry rot issues have been taken care of, this same Boric acid can be applied to the timber as a preventative measure against future growth and spread of the spores which cause dry rot.

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