A high-quality wooden deck can last several decades, but you may need to invest time, energy, and money in making sure the deck remains in good condition. Even with your best efforts, the deck can suffer damage. If you can get timely repairs, you can minimize the damage and prevent the need for a costly replacement service. At GotRot, we offer expert deck repair services for Everett, WA, and surrounding locations. 

Common Causes of Deck Damage

Wood Rot 

Wood rot is caused by microscopic organisms like fungus and mold that feed on deck materials like wood. A common cause of deck rot is exposure to moisture. You can prevent decay and dry rot by using protective stains or rot-resistance wood; however, if the deck has already suffered rot, you would need a repair service. 

Photo of Dry Rot on Old Wood

Insect Damage 

The deck can suffer from insect damage that can weaken its structure. The most common insect damage is by termites, which are resilient creatures that are difficult to get rid of. Other wood-destroying insects, such as ants, can cause major damage. In severe cases of insect damage, the deck can collapse. 

Harsh Weather 

Harsh weather conditions contribute to the deterioration of the deck. If water gets absorbed by the deck, it can wash out the natural resins of the wood. If you live in a region where it snows, it can cause the deck surface to splinter and crack. The ultraviolet rays from the sun can also cause damage to the deck. 


The deck is likely to suffer some wear and tear with age, especially if the deck experiences a lot of foot traffic and outdoor activities. As the deck gets older, it can suffer from different issues, including splintering, discoloration, warped boards, or mildew growth. 

Lack of Proper Maintenance 

Wood is sensitive to discoloration and rotting. It requires regular maintenance to ensure it remains in good condition. You need to protect the deck boards from excessive moisture and debris to ensure they remain in good condition. If you drop any food on the deck, you must clean it before it attracts insects. You may also need to get the deck pressure washed to clean any stains. 

If your deck is made from composite material, it may be more durable than a wood deck but it will still require regular maintenance to keep it in good condition. 

Deck Repair vs. Replacement 

If you are wondering if you should get your deck repaired or replaced, you need to consider several factors to make an informed decision. While a repair may sound cheaper, in some cases, a replacement is a more cost-effective solution. For example, if the deck has suffered severe damage, then repairing it might be more expensive. Generally, if the cost of repair is more than half the cost of replacement, it might be best to get a replacement. 

For minor damages, such as small cracks or splintering, repair is a great option as it can help extend the life of the deck and improve its appearance without spending a lot of money. You also have to consider the design, your preferences, and your budget to decide whether repair or replacement is the better option. The decision to get repair or replacement is not an easy one. 

Your deck could also suffer from dry rot issues, especially if it is old. The common symptoms of deck dry rot include discoloration, a spongy feel, and flaking on the surface. You can use our dry rot repair service to fix any problems. Allow our specialists at GotRot to assess the condition of the deck to offer their expert advice on what you should do. 

Benefits of a Waterproof Deck 

A lot of damage that happens to the deck is caused by excessive moisture.  While you can get rid of the excessive moisture, it involves extra care. Waterproofing the deck will make it easier for you to maintain it. It will also help increase the durability and appearance of the deck. When you waterproof the deck, it creates a barrier between the deck and moisture. Issues such as rotting, fading, cracking, or warping can be minimized with waterproofing. Waterproofing also helps make the deck safer as it reduces slip and fall accidents due to slippery surfaces. 

GotRot Deck Repair Services in Everett, WA

If you have deck damage, you should call us at GotRot. If you notice the deck has become soft or there are signs of decay, it is time to get it repaired. No matter what type of damage there is on the deck, our specialists can guide you to the best solution. All you have to do is schedule an appointment so we can visit your location and assess the damage. After careful inspection, our repair specialists will offer you the right solution. We are also happy to offer a no-obligation estimate for our deck repair service. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or want to schedule a visit.

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