The weather in Maltby can be unpredictable. Whether it is warm or cool, the one thing that is predictable is that there will be a good amount of rain falling throughout the year. The state’s rainfall makes it a prime candidate for dry rot problems. 

With all the rain Washington receives, high moisture levels will likely be present. This moisture can easily be absorbed into the timber, which can be problematic. A high moisture count makes it more of a potential for dry rot to emerge. 

Dry rot is the product of fungal spores making contact with timber. The timber needs to have a high moisture level for dry rot to occur. This occurrence will become more of an issue the longer it is not taken care of.

What is Dry Rot Repair?

The short answer is yes, dry rot repair is possible. With that said, the location and time in which the dry rot has been a problem can determine the next steps you will take in fixing the dry rot issue. 

If the dry rot has been a problem for a long time, it may have caused damage to the extent that it cannot be repaired. You may have to replace the piece in its entirety if the damage has spread to enough places on the timber that the integrity of the wood is compromised.

How Do You Fix Rotted Wood Without Replacing It?

To fix your wood rot issue without the need to replace the entire wood piece, you need to ensure that the damage will not corrupt the overall strength of the structure. You may be able to extract the damaged portions of timber and insert new pieces in their place. Removing the dry rot is not as simple as you may think. There is a process to it all.

Dry Rot Repair Process

When tackling dry rot, it is imperative to be thorough in your removal of the damage. To properly fix the issue at hand, there are some steps to take. Here are the three stages in the process of removing wood rot from your wood:

  • Locate the dry rot problem – You will first need to address the big question of where the rotting is coming from. Figuring out the location of the dry rot will allow you to begin to contain and eliminate it. 
  • Remove any damage; from dry rot – The next step in restoring your dry rot is fixing the damaged wood. Taking out the moisture from the room will go a long way in improving things. Once you take away the moisture from the equation, you need to get rid of any areas that have growth. New pieces of wood should be put in place to account for the ones removed because of dry rot. These fixes help build the integrity of the structure back up again.
  • Treat the wood to prevent new dry rot – After you fix the damage your dry rot problem caused, using a fungicide treatment is an excellent way to minimize the chance of further dry rot popping up. If the rot continued to spread, new growth of fungal spores could be disastrous. This spread can lead to the dry rot spreading to new spots. Treating the timber with a fungi spray will help prevent any new spores or the spreading of old ones.

What Is The Best Product to Repair Rotted Wood?

When you detect the dry rot before it becomes too problematic, you can often address the issue without replacing the entire piece of wood. There are many products out there that will repair your wood, but when you want the best thing for fixing your rotted wood, what effect do you go with?

One of the best products you can use successfully to repair it with is an epoxy resin. Using the epoxy resin to treat the rotted wood will allow you to stain or paint the fixed piece of wood. Fixing the wood in such a way allows you the potential to blend the fixed timber with the original wood color.

How Wood Dry Rot Can Invade And Decay Your Home

You may think that your house is safe until, one day, you find out that you were wrong. Dry rot likes to attack your timber. Once the spores start to grow, it creates a plethora of headaches you may potentially encounter.

Is Dry Rot Repair Expensive?

Fixing dry rot can become quite an expense to take care of. A small amount of damage may only cost a couple of hundred dollars, depending on where the problem is. However, a more considerable amount of damage in a less-than-favorable location could quickly rack up in total costs. 

Common Signs Of Dry Rot

Sometimes the presence of dry rot can be blatant. Many times when dry rot has done damage to your home, there will be signs of its wrath sprinkled throughout. The indications that dry rot exists help warn you of an issue in your home. Some of the more common indications that you may have a dry rot problem are as follows:

  • The grain of the timber has deep
  • The wood has discoloration to it
  • The wood is damaged or rotted
  • The wood becomes so fragile that it can be broken down between your fingers alone
  • There is a distinct smell
  • concentrated patches of spore dust
  • Large mushroom-like fruiting bodies may be present
  • Orange and brown spore dust may be found in concentrated patches 

Structural versus Non-Structural Wood Rot Repair

There are two types of repairs that you may encounter with the damages your dry rot caused. Each comes with its own set of problems. The two types of repairs are as follows:

Structural dry rot repair

Structural dry rot can be severe. This is damage done to the bones of the home. When dry rot eats away at the structure of your home, it weakens the structure’s integrity. The amount of damage done to the structure will determine if it can be replaced or not. If the wood is unable to be salvaged, then it may require a new piece to be installed in place of the damaged one.

Non-structural dry rot repair

When talking about non-structural damage, you include any damage to things that do not hurt the integrity of the structure of your home. This would consist of damage to doors, windows, floors, and things of that nature. These repairs can usually be a relatively simple process.

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