The roof of your building is an essential component of your property. It provides protection from the elements such as rain, snow, hail, sunlight, and extreme temperatures. It also helps boost the aesthetics of your property. While a roof that is made of high-quality materials and installed correctly will last a long time, it might eventually need repairs. At GotRot we offer the services of roof repair experts. If you need roof repair in Everett, WA, we have you covered. Continue reading to learn more about the causes of roof damage, the importance of maintenance, and our roof repair services. 

Common Causes of Roof Damage

Poor Maintenance

While you can invest in the best roof, if you don’t maintain it, it will suffer damage. Basic maintenance includes keeping the roof clean of any debris that can accumulate over time. This includes leaves and branches that can clog the gutters. You may also need the occasional professional inspection and maintenance service. Roofing experts might be able to identify issues that may not be evident to you. 

Photo of Damaged Paint Removal

 Pooling Water

If water from rain and snow cannot flow away from the roof it can cause major damage. Lack of sufficient drainage is one of the top causes of roof damage. While roofing materials are made to resist moisture, if there is pooling water, the roof can start to rot. The moisture can penetrate the roof and reach the wooden structures underneath. This will speed up dry rot.  

Improper Installation

At GotRot we understand the importance of the proper installation of the roof. However, some roofing contractors are negligent in their installation procedures. A poorly installed roof is going to have complications. For example, if the roof flashing is not properly installed, your property can suffer from water damage. 


As you may expect, weather can be tough on the roof, especially if you live in areas that get extreme weather. If snow gets on the roof, moisture can settle under the shingles, causing them to corrode and deteriorate. Wind can also damage the shingles and other roofing materials. UV radiation from the sun can also cause roof damage in the long run. 


All roofs will eventually get wear and tear and will need repairs. The most common age-related damage includes fractured flashing, missing shingles, and leakage. If you are able to identify age-related issues on time, you can get timely repairs to extend the life of the roof. Otherwise,  you may need a roof replacement. 

Professional Roof Repair Services in Everett 


If you have roof damage, you can use GotRot to request that one of our restoration experts visit your property. Upon arrival at your location, our experts will perform a comprehensive inspection to assess the damage. 

During our inspection, our goal is to assess the damage and find the source of the problem so we can prevent the damage from happening again. Once we have found the source of the problem and completed the inspection, we will share the results with you and recommend solutions. 

While most types of roof damage are repairable, in some cases, it is advisable to get a replacement service. We always have the best interests of our customers in mind and will recommend the most reliable and cost-effective solutions. 


The repair procedure needed for the roof depends on the type of damage and source of the problem. For example, if your roof has suffered flashing damage, the source is likely to be a poor drainage system. In some cases, areas with worn sealant need to be tarred or caulked. If the damage is severe, we can replace the damaged flashing. Similarly, if there are missing shingles, we can replace them. We can help you locate shingles that match the existing shingles on your roof. 

If your roof has leaks or puncture damage, some reframing might be needed to secure the roof. After the reframing, we can add a new layer of underlayment, sheathing, and shingles. There must not be a gap between the shingles for moisture to penetrate. Any rotten section of the roof will be removed and replaced. 

Roof damage can include dry rot issues caused by damaged gutters, blocked downspouts, or excessive moisture at the edges or corners of the roof. If you notice signs of dry rot on the roof, contact us for our dry rot repair service.  

Post-Repair Check 

At GotRot, we do a comprehensive post-repair check to ensure the roof meets our high standards. We will check for several factors in our post-repair check to ensure the entire roofing system is in good shape and repairs were done correctly. We are also happy to guide our customers on best practices for roof maintenance to help extend the life of the roof and minimize the need for any costly replacement service. To schedule a visit by a GotRot repair specialist, please contact us. 

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